Prep Talk

A Message from the Marroccelli Family

Posted March 5th, 2012


Dear Fr. Reilly and Fr. Horn,

Dante just handed me your envelope and I am speechless. We’ve always known what a special community our Prep family is, however this is such a kind and generous and completely unexpected level of support for our family that has deeply and profoundly moved us.  Please share this with the Prep Community.  Hopefully it will demonstrate just how appreciative we are of everyone and everything.

As you can imagine, an experience such as this is humbling and makes you realize just how important and precious each and every life around you is.  We know that God is on our side and He has graced us with the gift of a complete family to see us through this difficult time.  While material possessions can be replaced, we are blessed that no one was harmed, including the many firefighters and first responders who came to our aid.

We are also fortunate to have such a strong support network, including our Hermit family.  The countless parents who have offered to cook meals for us, provided moral, spiritual and financial support, as well as prayers and words of encouragement have given us the strength to rise and face each new day with the promise that God is with us and will provide for all our needs no matter how great or small.  We have complete faith in His promise and that sustains us.

Our home has been in our family for more than 30 years.  It was the childhood home of Michael, and for the past 27 years of our marriage, it has been filled with love and many happy memories that will never be forgotten.

May God bless each and everyone at the Prep, the staff, faculty, Hermit brothers and their families. Please always remember to tell those you love how much you love and appreciate them.  We came out of this with a valuable life lesson which helps us understand that our prized possessions are not those things that we buy, but the gifts that God has given us including our lives and the lives of those we love.  Please continue to pray for us.


Theresa, Michael, Timothy, Dante and Matthew Marroccelli, Linda Cataldi, Ashley Birmingham, Holly Forcinito and Glori Nieves