Prep Talk

Academics and Video Games

Posted December 4th, 2011


Since the popular video game, Call of Duty, was released the faculty and administration have observed two alarming trends.  First, many faculty members and administrators have noted that more students are visibly tired in the classrooms.  Also, test averages have decreased in many courses.  It is difficult for us to directly relate these trends to video games, but we wanted to make parents aware of this possible correlation.  In a small, informal survey of students, some have confessed to playing video games for five to seven hours a night.  This is clearly affecting the amount of time spent studying and sleeping.  Students who are falling asleep in class have also confessed to staying awake until 5:00 in the morning playing video games.  It is very difficult to be productive on that little amount of sleep.

Video games can be a good outlet for your son.  Playing video games during a study break or for a short period of time during the evening can be beneficial.  The problem occurs when this activity affects study time and sleeping.  Please be observant of your son’s gaming habits.

If you have any academic questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Kevin Burke, Dean of Academics,