Prep Talk

AP Exam Top Performers Recognized at Mass

Posted September 15th, 2023

Tackling an AP course is a task in itself.  However, demonstrating on an AP exam what one has learned in class can be a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned high school student.  Students who enroll in AP courses have the ability to take the AP exams after successfully completing the course. College credit is offered depending on the score earned on the exam with the highest possible score of a five.

Students who earned high scores on multiple advanced placement exams were celebrated at the first all-school Wednesday Mass of the year.  They were recognized and called up to join our Dean of Academics, Mrs. McHugh, for a group photo and were applauded by the school community.

Pictured Left to Right with Mrs. McHugh are Thomas Tran, Anthony Santore, Matteo Barberio, Anthony Tramp, Aaron Meslin, Jackson Kuzma, Aiden Foxx, Nazzareno Rudi, Luke Grippo, and Warren Garland.

Once again, we proudly recognize all of our students who tackled the AP exams in Academic Year 2022-23.  Below the Academics Department is proud to celebrate students who earned scores of 4 or higher on last year’s AP exams.  These hard-working students are shared below – Congratulations, Hermits!