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Embracing Faith and Community: Prep Sophomore Welcomed into the Church at St. Augustine Prep

Posted March 28th, 2024

In the spirit of Holy Week, a time of reflection and renewal, the school community celebrates a journey that encapsulates the fabric of this sacred season. Gavin Pack ’26, a student whose spiritual journey has been a personal transformation and a testament to the school’s commitment to faith formation, was welcomed into the Catholic Church. This significant life event, supported by the Prep’s Office of Mission & Ministry, highlights the importance of rebirth, renewal, and inclusivity – all values held dear at St. Augustine Prep.

Gavin’s journey began with the Anointing with the Oil of the Catechumen in September, a symbolic gesture inviting him to prepare for the Sacraments of Initiation. This step, surrounded by his Hermit Brothers during a Wednesday Mass, marked the beginning of his transformative path toward entering the embrace of the Catholic Church.

Having undergone his preparation for the Sacraments through education and prayer, Gavin was then invited to inscribe his name in the Book of the Elect. The signing of the Book of the Elect in October was another milestone, echoing the commitment and resolve Jesus Christ demonstrated on his path to the Cross. This moment, again shared in the presence of his Hermit Brothers, was a powerful affirmation of Gavin’s commitment to celebrating the Sacraments and the values they embody—commitment, sacrifice, and community.


The culmination of Gavin’s spiritual journey was celebrated on February 4, 2024, with the Order of Initiation of Adults at St. Vincent de Paul Church. This ceremony, rich in symbolism and significance, is especially resonant as we are in the heart of the Easter season. This moment represented the essence of the Easter season: a time of rebirth and new beginnings. Gavin’s baptism, confirmation, and first reception of the Eucharist were not just a conclusion of his preparation but a new beginning, mirroring the resurrection that the Catholic Church celebrates at Easter.

Holy Week reminds us of the journey of Christ from death to resurrection, a path of suffering, sacrifice, and ultimately, triumph over death. Gavin’s journey, passionately supported by his Hermit Brothers and the Mission & Ministry Department at St. Augustine Prep, reflects this sacred narrative. This wonderful experience highlights the school’s emphasis on guiding students through their spiritual rebirths and renewals, in a community that extends a place at the table to all.

As we share Gavin’s story during Holy Week, we are reminded of the transformative power of faith and the significance of Easter in our lives. The Prep serves as a testament to the importance of nurturing faith formation within an inclusive environment. Gavin’s welcoming into the Church celebrates new life and hope, embodying the Easter message of renewal and the promise of a new beginning.

In this season of renewal, may Gavin’s story inspire us to recognize the transformative journey of faith, renewal, and community of Easter and the foundational values that lie at the heart of the mission of St. Augustine Prep.

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