Prep Talk

Mrs. Deborah Asselta Delivers Emotional Address at Mother Son Communion Breakfast

Posted April 17th, 2012


On April 15, St. Augustine Prep held its annual Mother Son Communion Breakfast in the Buondonno Forum. The featured speaker at the event, English Department Chair and senior class moderator Mrs. Deborah Asselta, drew an emotional response from the attendees when she evoked the nostalgia of the event:

“As we look around this beautiful room, we remember the day three years and eight months ago when you walked in here for the first time. Today’s celebration begins a round of senior activities which include senior night, the prom, baccalaureate, and graduation, which will complete your senior year and your Prep career.”

As a mother herself, Mrs. Asselta touched on the unique gifts of motherhood when she addressed the mothers directly:

“You have done your best in raising your son. You have loved him, you have sacrificed emotionally, physically, psychologically, and monetarily. You have shared his sorrows and his joys, held him up when he was weak, and you have reveled in his accomplishments. You have given him the very best… Every day when your son walked out your door he walked into the arms of his brothers.”

She continued, “In a matter of a few months your son, whom you have protected and sheltered, will make his own decisions, all guided by the character that you have continued to form throughout his life… It will be difficult to let him go, but know that he will succeed as you and we have done our very best to prepare him for the challenges and trials of life.”

It is often difficult to explain the dynamic that exists between a parent and an institution in their joint efforts to mold a man. On Sunday, Mrs. Asselta captured the relationship between parent and St. Augustine Prep beautifully.