Prep Talk

Noah Davis-Logan: A Summer of Service

Posted June 14th, 2019

Noah Davis-Logan ’21 will spend this summer a little differently than your normal sixteen-year-old.  At the age of three, Noah was diagnosed with Hereditary Angioedema or HAE. At the time, there was no medication approved for use on children so doctors had to administer androgens with hopes of preventing the attacks.

At the age of 6, Noah began to experience severe reactions to the androgens and was later diagnosed with Sixth Nerve Palsy, Encephalopathy, and Aseptic Meningitis as a result of the medication.

Noah’s road to recovery was not an easy one by any means. He spent the better part of three months in and out of hospitals relearning how to walk and talk. As a result of what Noah had gone through, he now makes it his mission to spread awareness of HAE and the importance of proper therapy for children.

Noah has been an ambassador for HAE awareness since the age of nine, with more extensive travel over the past two years. He has had the opportunity to travel to nine different countries to participate in various awareness activities, as well as a chance to speak at the International Research Forum in Frankfurt, Germany. Most recently, Noah became the first keynote speaker under the age of eighteen to share his story with physicians and other healthcare providers in Palm Beach, FL.

“I’m hoping to raise awareness of the unmet needs of the pediatric population and treatment of children. It took several years for treatments to be made available for kids although they were available for adults. I share my story with hopes to encourage others. I hope to demonstrate the impact that proper medication and treatments can have.”

Noah is one of the unique Hermits that make up the Brotherhood and another example of our students carrying on the mission of St. Augustine Preparatory School outside the realm of the Peaceful Glen.