Prep Talk

Prep Inaugurates “Mini Residency” Program

Posted October 4th, 2013

Students in Mr. Kevin McHale’s Honors Anatomy and Physiology course will experience a unique “hands on” dimension to their studies.  Thirty-eight of the students in this course have signed up for an optional “Mini Residency” experience, offered in partnership with Premier Orthopaedic Associates of Vineland and other area doctors.  This semester and next, the students will spend several days shadowing physicians of various specialties.  The goal is to apply classroom studies to life as a health care provider.

The program was organized by Dr. Thomas Dwyer, a board certified and fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon, who is the President of Premier Orthopaedics.  So far, ten physicians have agreed to be mentors to Prep students in the program.  Their fields of specialty include sports medicine, orthopaedic surgery, cardiology, maxiofacial surgery, bariatric surgery, radiology, and general/internal medicine.

The Prep is fortunate to have five of its own parents among the mentors:  Ahmed Attia, D.O. (Ayman ’16), Steven Cohn, M.D. (Chase ’15), Leonard Infranco, D.M.D. (Spencer ’17), Jeanette Jimenez-Silva, M.D. (Julian ’17), and Michael Villani, M.D. (Niko ’16).

Mrs. Anoinette Finizio, mother of Gianni ’17, works for Premier Orthopaedics and has been instrumental in coordinating the program with the Prep.

Students and parents gathered on October 2 for an exciting introductory meeting.  Residencies will begin on October 14.

Photo Caption: Parents and students listen to Dr. Thomas Dwyer in the Study Commons on October 2.