Prep Talk

Prep Science Teacher Is Serving In Afghanistan

Posted February 17th, 2012


Science teacher Mr. Andy Filipczak is currently on leave of absence from the Prep to serve with the United States Coast Guard in Afghanistan.  Last year, “Mr. Flip” taught Honors Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science at St. Augustine.  He has been on active duty since last May and deployed overseas since last October.

Mr. Filipczak e-mailed Science Department chair Ms. Carol Federici recently after having received a “Care” package from the Prep faculty.  He wrote:  “I hope that everything is going well back your way.  No complaints out here.  It’s flat, brown, and dry.  That’s about it.  If it weren’t for the pollution/smog and occasional dust/sandstorm, you can see miles in any direction.  And it all looks the same – flat, brown, dry.  We are all doing well if incredibly busy.  We spend a lot of our days ‘out.’…  We’ve found ourselves in some crazy situations already.  Some days, I’d collapse back at the barracks and have to ask myself ‘did that really just happen?’

“I received the package from St. A today.  I have no idea who prepared or sent it, but please pass my thanks on to everyone involved.  It was great to receive it.

“I miss you guys and the students.  I hope everyone is doing well back there.”  Mr. Andy Filipczak