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Prep Senior Releases Mobile App

Posted February 2nd, 2021

The school has celebrated a variety of accomplishments in its history but none as innovative and potentially as impressive as the recent achievement of Michael Schleider ’21 – that’s app-developer Michael Schleider ’21.

St. Augustine had implemented the MyPrep platform several years ago. From schedules, grades, school announcements, and more this web-based application streamlined many processes for the entire school community. However, to those with a keen eye for technology, there was an opportunity to make the experience even more user-friendly. Enter Michael Schleider, St. Augustine’s newest student tech wiz who began coding at the age of six…SIX!

The aspiring computer engineering major had obviously used MyPrep in its current form but he wanted to help make it even more dynamic and most importantly, mobile accessible and easy to navigate. Not all of us began coding at the same age we learned to form complete sentences, so Mike was kind enough to indulge those (like the author) who aren’t so tech-savvy. In the app developer’s own words, “MyPrep changed everything for us here for the better but the app allows it to be even more user-friendly. Especially on mobile and for people who may struggle with adapting to new technology.”

Now available through the Apple App Store, the MyPrep Mobile app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (This app is only compatible with Mac’s currently running on the Apple M1 chip). Through the new mobile platform, students may check their schedules and monitor their grades with one swipe or tap of the smartphone. Parents and guardians, this app is also for you as the ability to track your son’s academic progress and remain up-to-date with all school events and updates are now at your fingertips.

St. Augustine Prep student releases mobile app

Michael Schleider ’21 (second from left) joins Mr. Cappuccio ’96, Mr. Garufi, and Head of School, Fr. Murray during the reveal of his recently released MyPrep Mobile app.

The Prep’s resident app-developer was quick to share the spotlight when it came to revealing how much work went into completing the project. The process began over a year ago and included scrapping previously written code to start from scratch, not once but twice! Restarting the process as recently as this fall, Michael was supported heavily by Prep Information Technology directors Frank Garufi Jr. and Anna Broomell P’05 ’08 ’12. Michael stated, “Mrs. Broomell helped familiarize me with the existing MyPrep system. Mr. Garufi was available every step of the way and his expertise was extremely helpful, especially when the last code re-write had to be done. They both supported me from beginning to end like all of our teachers do here at the Prep.”

The future is obviously bright for this young man and he floored the Prep’s Leadership Team upon presenting the finished product. The tech sector is a lucrative one for individuals as gifted as Michael Schleider. However, when posed with the possibility of working for the Googles, Amazons, and Facebooks of the world, the senior’s Augustinian Values kicked in as he proudly shared, “I will be a happy man as long as my skills are helping me create something that is useful to people or helps to make their lives a little bit easier and less stressful.”

Download the MyPrep Mobile App

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This new app is only for current students so take the next step towards joining the Hermit Brotherhood now!  Rurally situated away from major cities and contact points, St. Augustine Prep is the premier Catholic, Augustinian all-boys high school in southern New Jersey. Students at St. Augustine move between 50 classrooms and labs, spread over four separate buildings on a 118-acre campus. Consider a campus-style education for your son to be educated both regularly and safely. Visit today or email for more information!