Prep Talk

Prep Welcomes Internet Safety/Cyber-Bullying Speaker

Posted November 1st, 2013


On Wednesday, October 30, Josh Gunderson, an internet safety/cyber-bullying expert, addressed the entire St. Augustine Prep community in the Rodio Gymnasium. Gunderson, who is a part-time actor and comedian, utilized a tactful blend of humorous anecdotes and sobering statistics to convey a very simple message to the gathered students: Think carefully about your internet activity. Consider how it will affect others, and remember that your activity is always traceable, even after it has been deleted.

Gunderson was treated to a rousing ovation when he thanked the students for their attention. In that moment, it was apparent that his message was well-received by the students, faculty, and staff.

Photo: Josh Grunderon, an internet safety/cyber-bullying speaker, visited the campus of St. Augustine Prep on Wednesday, October 30.