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Sardy ’25 selected to NJ Governor’s School Program

Posted May 16th, 2024

St. Augustine Prep has always taken pride in developing leaders who embody the school’s mission of “Setting hearts on fire with a passionate search for truth, unity, and love.” Today, we are thrilled to spotlight the achievement of one of those leaders within the Hermit Brotherhood, rising senior Nicholas Sardy ’25.

Nick was recently accepted into the prestigious 2024 New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences Program to be held at Drew University this July.

The Governor’s School of New Jersey is a selective and rigorous program that garners roughly 500 applications annually with just 75 to 90 of those applications producing acceptances. This fully funded, three-week summer program is designed to deepen students’ passion for sciences and mathematics through a collaborative, exam-free environment. Scholars are immersed in core courses, laboratory work, and team research projects, and are introduced to various career professionals and alumni during special events.

As is always the case at the Prep, Nick had a lot of support along the way. Mrs. Capozzoli, the Director of College Guidance and Student Services, helped guide Nick through the rigorous application process. His selection reflects his high academic performance, impressive essays, and dedicated participation in co-curricular opportunities at the Prep, especially in the fields of science and mathematics.

In true St. Augustine Prep fashion, Nick’s achievements have gone beyond academics. He has consistently lived up to the expectations of being a servant leader and working to contribute to the community. In addition to his Governor’s School honor, Nick has played a big part in the school’s drive toward sustainability.   His work with the Environmental and Sustainability Club has initiated the NexTrex Recycling Challenge at the Prep on an annual basis.  He has overseen the program along with the strategic placement of special bins throughout campus which are designated for items traditionally eligible for recycling.  His efforts this year amounted to the school collecting over 1000 lbs. of recyclable materials during the challenge!



As he prepares for his experience with some of the best and brightest students in New Jersey, we are confident in Nick representing the Brotherhood and bringing back wisdom and knowledge that will further enrich the Prep community.

We extend our congratulations to Nick and his proud family. We also express our gratitude to everyone who supported him through this journey. His Governor’s School honor and co-curricular achievements are an inspiration to the entire student body and all of the future Hermits that will follow in his footsteps.  As always, the Hermit Brotherhood leads by example and we look forward to the senior leadership of Nick and his fellow rising seniors in the Class of 2025!

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