Prep Talk


Posted December 12th, 2011

Students registered to take the SATs are reminded to organize and prepare the night prior and on the morning of the exam.

Collect all required items needed on test day:

  • Your SAT Admission Ticket
  • Your Student ID or Driver’s License
  • Several #2 Pencils (with good erasers)
  • Calculator
  • Watch/Time Piece
  • Snack (the test is very long; you will need a snack)

Other Suggestions:

In advance, decide what clothes to wear on test day. Remember to dress in layers, because you can’t control the temperature. The SAT test room may be either warmer or colder than you would prefer.  Also, cell phones are not permitted in the testing room and will be collected upon check in.  If you prefer, leave your cell phone in your vehicle or locker.


If you’re in the habit of going to bed around 11 o’clock, don’t go to bed at 8 o’clock the night before the SAT test. Rather, aim to go to bed about 1 hour before you normally would on a school night. Remember to set your alarm early enough so that you comfortably have time to get ready for the exam. Don’t create a time pressure situation for yourself in the morning.

The Final Step:

Eat a good healthy breakfast.

Hopefully this advice will help you maximize your SAT test score. Good luck, and remember to stay positive!