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Eighth Grade’s Sea Perch Robotics Competition

Posted May 10th, 2022

Students competed underwater robotics tasks and in an obstacle course.

Our inaugural Sea Perch Robotics Competition was a huge success. This program is a part of our Innovation and Experiential Learning initiative and is a signature program for our eighth grade. The students were exposed to the engineering design process learning numerous lessons in critical thinking, problem solving, and logical reasoning right up until the last robot raced through the two courses.

Beginning in November, the students worked countless hours in community time and science class with her creating their own unique robots and journaling their design ideas. A special thanks go to Eighth grade faculty, Mrs. Mirabella, for spearheading this effort. Thank you to Mr. Burhanna and  Mr. Grealis for helping to build the obstacle course for today’s competition. Thanks to  Ms. Gorniak and Mr. Sena for serving as timers. Thanks to Mr. Laws for his help in crowd control. Thanks to Mr. Broomell and his awesome Hermits Broadcasting team for live coverage of the competition. Thanks to Mrs. Davis for covering the competition, surely capturing the student’s excitement and frustrations. Finally, thanks to everyone who stopped by the pool to support the students.

St. Augustine Prep Eighth Grade seapearch competition in eighth grade seapearch competition in eighth grade

To watch the complete HBC coverage, click HERE. The full photo gallery is available HERE.