Prep Talk

St. Augustine Prep Visits the United Nations in New York City

Posted December 16th, 2011


On November 8, the St. Augustine Prep Human Trafficking Task Force and the Model UN club visited the United Nations in New York City.  The group gave a report to an NGO whose main focus is the issue of human trafficking.  The presentation highlighted the accomplishments of the group thus far, from writing letters to victims to raising money and awareness with the Brotherhood Day walk.  The NGO members attending the meeting were encouraged that a group of young people knew about this problem and were trying to confront it.

After this meeting, the group heard a presentation by an NGO leader who explained what the United Nations does and how it works to help countries collaborate.  The students learned about the many parts of the UN which work to accomplish different goals in the world.  Following this, a representative to the UN from Holy See discussed the fascinating inner workings of the United Nations and why the Vatican has a presence there.

The group toured the main building of the UN, including the hall where the General Assembly meets.  From the UN, the group walked to the United States Mission to the UN.  Here they heard one final presentation from Doug Mercado, Advisor for Humanitarian Affairs, USUN.  He described the work that he has been involved in, all over the world.  He also explained the many job opportunities and internships available at the U.S. Mission and the State Department.

Overall, the trip helped the Prep students to better understand the workings of the UN, and how ending human trafficking is a part of its mission.  It was a great opportunity for all involved.