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Office of Student Life Looks Ahead to 2021-2022

Posted June 16th, 2021

John Huscher named Dean of Student Leadership and Development

High school is a transformational experience and one that St. Augustine Prep embraces wholeheartedly.  Students are welcomed as “boys to learn” and develop over four years to exit as “men to serve.”  In the process, these young men of the Prep find themselves navigating a time in their lives where they encounter academic, physical, and emotional development. This experience is rooted in a Brotherhood that is strengthened and fostered by the environment and culture practiced daily by students, faculty, staff, and administration. 

Leading this effort is the Office of Student Life which has always focused on supplementing each student’s experiences outside of the classroom. Whether they are participating in a sport, meeting a deadline for a school publication, or learning the choreography for the school musical, the Prep’s diverse offering of extracurricular programs allows students to explore and develop their interests and talents in limitless ways.  This year, the department will be led by newly appointed Dean of Student Leadership and Development and proud Hermits Alumnus, Mr. John Huscher ’85 P’18.  Mr. Huscher’s service at St. Augustine began well before he joined the faculty at the Prep in 2015.  The newest Dean at St. Augustine Prep has seen both sides of a Prep classroom first as a student and most recently as a business teacher, he has even experienced life as a Hermit Parent (Jack ’18).  Combining an impressive professional career in the pharmaceutical industry with his deep roots in Richland, Mr. Huscher is uniquely qualified to uphold the mission of St. Augustine Prep that is rooted in the core values of empathy, integrity, and global awareness.

Student Government Executive Committee Announced for Academic Year 2021-2022 

Mr. Huscher is not the only Hermit taking on an important leadership role for the upcoming academic year.  The Executive Committee for St. Augustine Prep’s Student Government has been finalized and we are proud to share the next group of Hermit Leaders who will serve the Brotherhood:

  • Ryan Boult ’22
  • Nicholas Galinus ’22
  • Timothy Kubiak ’22
  • Noah Davis-Logan ’22
  • Ayden Pulman ’22
  • Jackson Tinari ’22
  • Tyler Ward ’22
  • James Bachman ’23
  • Michael Dostillio ’23
  • Andreas LaRosa ’23

Following the appointment of next year’s Executive Committee, Mr. Huscher shared, “St. Augustine Prep is a very special and unique place. Our students have always been at the forefront of our focus and priorities. The Student Leadership and Development team in concert with the Student Government are both exceptionally enthusiastic about the year ahead and the privilege of working with the entire school community.”