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Ward ’22 sparks the return of Prep News

Posted January 4th, 2021

Tyler Ward ’22 is no stranger to the Prep, in fact, his time at St. Augustine began well before he received his blazer during the Brotherhood Ceremony in the Fall of 2018.  See, Tyler’s father is Hermits Wrestling legend and current head coach Bill Ward ’85 so the Prep has been his home away from home since the moment he was born.  So much so that he mentions his first true memory in life as him running around the wrestling room in the Forum as a 6-year-old.  In many ways, due to his family pedigree, Tyler is already part of the history at the Prep, but now, through Prep News, he looks forward to playing a big role in documenting it.

Having been part of the yearbook staff during the 2019-2020 school year, Tyler had already experienced the opportunity to recap the memories of his time as a student at St. Augustine.  However, as is the natural progression of a high school student, he sought to expand his skill-set in hopes of improving his resume for colleges but most importantly, to also fulfill his passions in life. The thought of resurrecting Prep News provided Tyler the platform to accomplish many of the things he already enjoys in his free time.  The Constitutional Law student has a knack for history but also enjoys reading, copywriting, politics, and photography – all of which obviously comes in handy when taking on the position of Editor-in-Chief for a newspaper. 

Recapping the journey that began earlier this fall, Tyler took the bull by the horns and took care of all the administrative work necessary to bring the club back to life.  Within a few days, he had the makings of a staff put together and the first meeting had already been scheduled.  Fast forward a couple of months later and he and his staff worked day and night to produce enough quality content to brave the release of this “first” edition.  

While Tyler and his staff know there is much work to be done to have the publication reach their lofty expectations, they share the excitement of continuing a tradition many Hermits have participated in since 1962.  Most importantly, Tyler is now able to share his passion and love for the school on a wider scale, and in the process, he has reignited a club that will continue to do so long after he has left his mark at St. Augustine Prep.


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