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Out of the Classroom and Into the Workplace: The Best Way to Explore Careers

Posted January 9th, 2019

If you’re the parent of a prospective high school freshman, you may be wondering how to set your son on the right track to success. You’d like to see him strengthening his skills during the all-important high school years. Perhaps you’re asking how those skills and talents will build into a career down the road. How does a high school student choose a career when there are so many options?

Know Who to Ask

When a school has the word “preparatory” in its name, realize that it’s there for a reason! A prep school gives students the foundation they need to enter college with confidence, and ultimately, to achieve success in a career.

Since 99 percent of St. Augustine Prep graduates enroll in college, skilled faculty advisors are well-prepared to provide the crucial guidance that students need. Whether it’s identifying personal strengths and aptitudes, helping with course selection, or serving as a link to outside career contacts, each student’s personal advisor helps chart the course for a successful future.

Shadowing? It’s Enlightening.

It’s one thing to imagine what a particular career might be like, but imagining can never take the place of real-world observation. Did you know that St. Augustine offers an annual job shadow program? This program aims to provide a rich and comprehensive educational experience within the community. In previous years, St. Augustine students have been fortunate enough to select from a multitude of professional categories and shadow with many industry-leading businesses, government agencies, healthcare providers and legal practices.    By taking a “day in the life” look inside a workplace setting, students are often able to confirm an interest or redirect to another. Shadowing is a practical and meaningful step in the job exploration process. 

Explore a Mini-Residency

Picture this on a college application: experience in a medical mini-residency, as well as programs, lead by business and legal professionals! In addition to providing valuable input that can help narrow down career choices, a mini-residency demonstrates some serious intent on the part of the student. Rubbing shoulders with those already in a profession, participating in some job-specific tasks, and observing the workplace culture can be downright inspiring for a high school student considering a career.

Make Alumni Connections

Sometimes it just takes a bit of inspiration to get started on a career path. And what better inspiration than learning about the successful paths of St. Augustine Prep graduates? Whether reading their stories or meeting them through Veritas Lectures or other school events, students can’t help but notice how eager alumni are to share their life experiences. The school’s active alumni network is another practical and beneficial way for students to learn about a range of career options.

Do I Have to Choose?

It’s not unusual for students to want to have it all, seeking to combine careers in creative ways. Some students lean toward an interdisciplinary college experience that merges components of two or more disciplines in a single program of instruction. Creative advisors and guidance staff can help students plan a high school trajectory that keeps options open during college.

Foster a Healthy View of Vocation

The mindset at St. Augustine Prep isn’t just about preparing students for where they will eventually work. Instead, it’s about fostering a healthy work ethic with a view to service. Two signs on the St. Augustine’s campus summarize this philosophy: “Enter as Boys to Learn,” and “Leave as Men to Serve.”

There’s Help at The Prep

Whether for an incoming freshman or a soon-to-graduate senior, the pressure to choose a career can seem daunting and downright scary! Fortunately, young men in South Jersey have the option of a unique and exceptional all-boys Catholic prep school where they’ll find all the support they’ll need to explore job options in high school.

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